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Michael Jordan, was born in Brooklyn, New York on Feb 17th 1963, the famous American basketball player, the functional point guard, the greatest basketball player.
1984 NBA Draft, Cheap Jordan Shoes Jordan third overall in the first round by the Chicago Bulls.1986-87 season, Jordan averaged 37.1 points, the first time the title of king points. 1990-91 season, Jordan sweep the regular season MVP and Finals MVP title, led the Chicago Bulls won the NBA championship for the first time. [1] 1997-98 season, Jordan to get the first 10 career scoring, and led the Bulls sixth championship. September 11, 2009, Jordan officially named NBA Hall of Fame.

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Jordan is one of history's most valuable sports idol, Cheap Jordans, Gatorade, Hanes, McDonald's and MCI's main spokesperson. He first appeared in 1988 on the Wheaties box ad and then became their spokesperson. Nike Jordan signature shoe called the design of the series "Cheap Air Jordan". Later, Nike put the production line from his factory points out, specifically called the "Cheap Jordan Brand."


For many of our memories of Jordan, there is not that God in all kinds of wonderful performance field, one that God's feet ---- Jordan series basketball shoes. Cheap Jordan Free shipping generation from the outset it was issued prohibiting Union, because it was the Bulls coach not allow people to wear these shoes, on the grounds that with the team's jersey color is inconsistent, and David Stern is open to Jordan out of a ticket, the first $ 1,000, second $ 2,000, up to $ 5,000 per game last, which finally led to the frenzied rush to buy Joe 1. Nike also so the first position in the shake Converse basketball shoe. Jordan 1 on behalf of the use of white black and red tricolor, Hard rubber outsole, there is no scientific and technological content, in fact, these shoes are heavy, but it is the beginning of an era.

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Since 2003, retired from the NBA, Michael Jordan still creating wealth, according to data published on the website of Forbes, Michael Jordan's total revenue in 2013 reached a staggering $ 90 million. Cheap Jordan Shoes sales Jordan most of the revenue from the company's dividend NIKE, only 2013 a year, NIKE's sales to Jordan sneakers named as high as $ 2.25 billion.

February 17, 1963, when Jordan was born in Brooklyn, New York, five years old, he moved to Jordan, Jordans for cheap a North Carolina man, a child's father, a good relationship with Jordan, the famous tongue Jordan dunk is derived from the action Action father do repair work, and then the two of baseball is very enthusiastic. Jordan is very naughty child, along with his brother in love with basketball, the Jordan all his spare time is spent on the pitch.
High school
Laney High School in Wilmington, Cheap Air Jordans starting Jordan basketball career, but not spectacular young Jordan, Cheap Jordans online the second year, his height is only 5 feet 11 inches, thin and small, he was the coach of a team from the drop into two teams. But Jordan did not give up, to high school, when he was named the nation's high school team.
University period
March 29, 1982, Jordan, as a freshman at the University of North Carolina in the NCAA tournament's finals dropped the winning goal to help the University of North Carolina team to score 63 to 62 victory over Patrick Ewing led Georgetown University team. 1982-83 season, Cheap Retro Jordan was "The Sporting News" named the nation's college students and first-team player team. 1983-84 season, Jordan was again "Sporting News" named the nation's college students and first-team player team.